Youth America Grand Prix / IBC - Jackson


2018 IBC / Jackson, Missisippi

  • Hyuma Kiyosawa -  1st Place - Junior Competition


San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Michelina Hanlon - 2nd Place Senior Women Classical, Top 12 Contemporary
  • Elisabeth Raczek - Top 24 Senior Women Classical
  • Yuki Koch - Top 12 - Junior Women Classical
  • Roman Aldrete - 3rd Place Junior Men Classical 
  • Hank Lichtmacher Top 12 - Pre Competitive
  • Galina Alexandrova - Outstanding Teacher Award (her 5th)
  • Nikolai Kabaniaev - Outstanding Teacher Award


San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Matisse D'Aloisio - 1st Place Senior Women Classical Division 
  • Diego Altimarano 1st Place Senior Men Classical Division 
  • Hyuma Kiyosawa - 1st Place Junior Classical Division 
  • Matisse D'Aloisio / Wojciech Ogloza 1st Place Pas de Deux/Ensemble Division
  • Wojciech Ogloza - 3rd Place Senior Men Classical Division
  • City Ballet School Outstanding School Award


New York, NY - Finals

  • Rio Anderson - Over-all Silver Medalist, Final Round (Senior Division) -  Awarded Apprenticeship to Dutch National Ballet, awarded Full Scholarship to Royal Ballet - London, England.
  • Nastia Alexandrova - competed in the final round of New York Finals (Senior Division)

San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Rio Anderson -  "Grand Prix" Award winner
  • Nastia Alexandrova -   1st Place Senior Women Classical Division. 2nd Place Senior Contemporary Division

Galina Alexandrova - Outstanding Teacher Award (her 4th)


2014 - Did not compete as City Ballet students study in Moscow at Bolshoi Academy



San Diego, CA - Semifinals

  • Jennifer Wang - 1st Place Senior Women Classical Division
  • Katia Alexandrova - 3rd Place Senior Women Classical Division
  • Galina Alexandrova - Outstanding Teacher Award (her 3rd)


San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Jeraldine Mendoza 1st Place Senior Women Classical Division
  • Katherine Newton Dickson - 2nd Place  Senior Women Classical Division
  • Jennifer Wang/Julian Lacey - 1st Place Pas de Deux/Ensemble Division
  • Jeraldine Mendoza/Julian Lacey - 2nd Place Pas de Deux/Ensemble Division
  • Galina Alexandrova - Outstanding Teacher Award (her 2nd)


New York, NY - Finals

  • Emma Rubinowitz - competed in the final round of New York Finals (Senior Division)

San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Emma Rubinowitz - 2nd Place Senior Women Classical Division
  • Gemma Prater - 3rd Place Senior Women Classical Division
  • Emma Rubinowitz/Alex Reneff-Olson - 1st Place Pas de Deux/Ensemble Division
  • Galina Alexandrova - Outstanding Teacher Award (her 1st)


San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Miko Fogarty - Hope Award Winner Junior Division 


San Francisco, CA - Semifinals

  • Grace Lee Grant - Hope Award Winner Junior Division


  • 2015 City Ballet School Alumni Jeraldine Mendoza graces the cover of Dance Magazine's May issue
  • 2015 Galina Alexandrova, Artistic Director, graces the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine's November issue 
  • 2013 City Ballet chosen as one of only two stops to visit while on tour in the United States by staff and administration of Beijing Dance Academy
  • 2013 Boys Program Director Nikolai Kabaniaev is featured in an article in Dance Studio Life
  • 2012 City Ballet School chosen from 95 participating schools throughout the U.S. and Canada to open the Regional Dance of America's National Festival
  • 2010 Graduated the first two American females ever from Moscow's renowned Bolshoi Academy (Russian class) 
  • 2009 City Ballet School Performs at the Bolshoi Academy, Moscow for students & teachers
  • 2008 City Ballet School is awarded best piece, "With Time We Go", Choreographer Yuri Zhukov at Regional Dance of America Festival in Long Beach, CA